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Mersin Marina

The largest marina in the Eastern Mediterranean

Mersin Marina, which started to serve in 2011, joined Tor Holding as one of the largest marinas in the Eastern Mediterranean. With a capacity of 1000 yachts in total, the marina has a wide range of services from culture and arts to shopping, foreign trade, and living spaces.

Certified with the Blue Flag, Mersin Marina has adopted the universal values of Tor Holding, which are the principles of versatile service, sustainability, and respect for nature. Mersin Marina, located on an area of 210,000 square meters, operates as a respected "mixed life centre" at international standards.

The Most Beautiful Place Where the Sea Meets the Land: Mersin Marina

Mersin Marina, one of the largest marinas in the Mediterranean, can meet all needs. It can fulfill the demands in every lane from maritime trade to a maritime hobby, from culture-arts and life activities to accommodation.
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We meet the needs in the maritime field in a versatile way. As a mixed life and trade center, we offer active services and facilities in terms of culture, arts, and trade. Mersin Marina can be preferred for spending a nice day, while it is a reliable option for marina purposes and maritime trade.


Mersin Marina, where culture and art are always alive, has high-tech venues and facilities that allow sports, theatre, and music events to be held. Various events such as concerts of world-famous musicians, oratorios, and sailing training are held at the marina throughout the year.

Mersin Marina

  • Address : Adnan Menderes Bulvarı Eğriçam Mah. No:33 Yenişehir-MERSİN
  • Phone : +90 324 330 03 00
  • Email : [email protected]

Grand Sirkeci Hotel

Tor Holding continues its land developing activities in the most important tourist attractions of Turkey via its first company in tourism industry, Grand Sirkeci Hotel. Grand Sirkeci Hotel continues its activities with an approach that focuses on customer satisfaction and quality that is peculiar to Tor Holding.

Reflecting Old Istanbul’s soul in its every corner with its historic texture, Grand Sirkeci Hotel offers a unique accomodation experience that will accompany you in a journey to the heart of legends and tales.

The historic texture and legacy of this beautiful hotel will enrich your Istanbul experience and introduce you to a level of comfort you dream of.

In addition to being close to important transportation options, Grand Sirkeci Hotel is located at the heart of the historic peninsula along with The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and Grand Bazaar.

At The Heart of the Historic Peninsula!

A journey to the history of Istanbul

Istanbul attracts visitors to its commerce, business and cultural centers for thousand years. Located in the liveliest area of the city, Grand Sirkeci Hotel offersa unique experience to those who want to accomodate at the ancient heart of Istanbul.
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Grand Sirkeci Hotel

  • Address : Hobyar Mah. Büyük Postane Cad. No: 24 34112 Sirkeci/İstanbul
  • Phone : +90 212 945 06 14
  • Email : [email protected]